BirdLife's Honorary President

Her Imperial Highness Princess Takamado of Japan

Message from the Princess:

“BirdLife International is a totally unique type of international NGO. It has a scientific approach in collecting and analysing data, which it uses to work with governments, local authorities and companies to make conservation measures and projects more effective. The reputation of BirdLife as being not only reliable and effective, but also attentive to the needs of people, makes me proud to be its Honorary President.”

Her Imperial Highness Princess Takamado of Japan is the Honorary President of BirdLife International.

Along with her support for BirdLife's conservation work, the Princess is a very keen bird watcher and bird photographer.

The Princess writes beautiful articles for a Japanese women's magazine, Fujingaho, that feature her bird photographs, and she encourages people to get involved with birdwatching and conservation.

In her role as Honorary President, the Princess attends and speaks at numerous BirdLife events, including Gala Dinners and the Japanese Rare Bird Club events.

Fujingaho Magazine Birding Articles


Written by HIH Princess Takamado and featuring her own bird photos.

Japan's oldest women's magazine, Fujingaho  provides readers with interesting 'People, Things and Matters' in Japan.

Since April 2011, the Princess has been writing 'Opening Serials' in Fujingaho called 'Through the Lens', where she documents her experiences as a birdwatcher and photographer.

We have all the articles from January 2014 onwards in this website.

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Hearst Corporation, to which the publisher Hearst Fujingaho Co., Ltd. belongs, is one of the largest media firms in the USA and Hearst Magazines International, its international magazine division, publishes more than 300 titles in over 80 countries in the world.

Hearst Fujingaho Co., Ltd. magazines include Fujingaho, first launched in 1905 to Elle Japon and Harper's BAZAAR.


Ikebana International Article


Written by HIH Princess Takamado and featuring her own bird photos.

A self-titled magazine of a non-profit cultural organization dedicated to the promotion and appreciation of ikebana, the Japanese art of flower arrangement. It was founded by the late Ellen Gordon Allen in 1956 to create an organization uniting the peoples of the world through their mutual love of nature and enjoyment of ikebana.

In the Okinawa Special Issue (Ikebana International Volume 60 Issue 3), HIH Princess Takamado, the Honorary President of Ikebana International, highlights the beauty of the birds and nature of Okinawa with her own photos.

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BirdLife World Congress


  • Princess photos at the BirdLife World Congress, 21 June 2013, Ottawa, Canada




Gala Dinners


Aiming to encourage environmental awareness, as well as raising funds, BirdLife has held an annual Gala Dinner in Tokyo since 2009. From 2012, an annual Spring Gala has also been held in the Kansai region. 




As an active birdwatcher and photographer, HIH Princess Takamado finds her way to go into the wild within her busy schedule.


HIH Princess Takamado birdwatching in Nagano with Mr and Mrs Robert Bateman - © Hiroshi Nakamura