Capacity Development

  • BirdLife is two-thirds of the way towards being represented in all countries and territories of the world.

  • Established BirdLife Partners provide practical support to newer Partners

  • With Partnership help, independent self-sustaining BirdLife organisations have emerged in countries which had no national conservation NGOs, including Madagascar and Fiji.

A dedicated and effective network of civil society movements for nature is the only way to ensure tangible, long-term and sustainable conservation impact. This principle is at the heart of the BirdLife model of a global Partnership of grassroots, national non-governmental organisations (NGOs). This is why a major emphasis of BirdLife’s work is on organisational capacity building, from science to policy and conservation action, and also management, communications and marketing. Each of BirdLife’s programmes has a capacity development component.

The 120 civil society organisations forming the BirdLife Partnership have a wealth of knowledge and technical skills, amounting in 2012 to a total of 4500+ years of experience. They share their knowledge and experience, providing each other with invaluable real-world solutions and best practices. This is crucial because over half of the BirdLife Partners are in developing countries. Learning and sharing in this way helps organisations to grow, and strengthens their resilience in difficult situations. Since the creation of the BirdLife Partnership 20 years ago, no BirdLife Partner organisation has collapsed or disappeared.


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